Fit2Walk Kit


Our Kit includes:

  • Monofilament - to test for neuropathy and loss of protective sensation (LOPS).
  • Access to the Fit2Walk Community - to have exclusive content and a supportive community
  • Charts to record your results and calendar reminders - to help you stay on track with your foot health!
  • Instructions and educational materials - to guide you through self-testing.
  • A foot mirror - to help you inspect your feet!



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Fit2Walk Kit

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The Fit2Walk Kit is at the center of our mission to give patients the power of self-testing. The kit gives you everything you need to self-test, as well as educational materials about diabetic foot health. Take charge of your diabetic foot health with the Fit2Walk kit!

When you purchase the Fit2Walk Kit, you become a member of the Fit2Walk Community and gain access to exclusive content through emails, interactive features with Dr. Thomas Hardiman, and the chance to connect with other diabetic foot care supporters through our Facebook page.


Leap4All is Fit2Walk’s non-profit organization, which donates thousands of monofilaments to areas in need around the globe. Giving is at the heart of what we do, and your purchasing the Fit2Walk kit makes that a possibility!

  • "Using the Fit2Walk Kit makes it easy and possible for me to take an active roll in maintaining my overall diabetic health. The testing monofilament is simple to use and I appreciate the calendar tabs that remind me to test. I look forward to future information and blogs!"
    Sharon D. - Halifax, MA
  • "Every person with diabetes needs a foot examination for the loss of sensation, that's with a monofilament. It's a very short and small instrument, easy to use. That's the step we have to go to - that patients are aware, and patients are doing more and more of these short examinations."
    Dr. Kristien van Acker - Antwerp, Belgium
  • "Your monofilaments allow diabetics to have more control over the management of their diabetes and thus help minimize the serious foot complications that can result from chronic high blood sugar. Due to low literacy and little or no access to health care [in] uninsured/underinsured communities, this population often suffers the extreme complications that follow unmanaged diabetes. I know your donation of monofilaments will make a huge difference to the people who received them."
    Michelle Bero, RN, BSN, Diabetes Educator - Enid, OK


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