Giving Back with Leap4All

Your purchase of the Fit2Walk kit goes on to support Leap4All, Fit2Walk's non-profit branch. Leap4All donates thousands of monofilaments to areas in need, both at home and abroad. Our goal is to decrease diabetic foot complications all over the world, one donation at a time! Below, you can learn about some initiatives we have supported through our donations.

The Health Wagon

[foogallery id="627"] The Health Wagon, now famous for its recent feature on 60 minutes, is run by nurse practitioners Teresa Gardner and Paula Meade, who drive from town to town in a Winnebago to provide health care to the underserved communities of Appalachia. Leap4All saw the opportunity to help diabetic patients in those communities, and made a monofilament donation to support the important work of the Health Wagon. Today, Gardner and Meade use monofilaments to test patients for severe neuropathy before providing them with the education they need to keep their feet healthy. Leap4All is thrilled to contribute to the mission of the Health Wagon, and your purchase of the Fit2Walk Kit helps us support community initiatives like this one!

The Health Wagon

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