Giving Back with Leap4All

Your purchase of the Fit2Walk kit goes on to support Leap4All, Fit2Walk’s non-profit branch. Leap4All donates thousands of monofilaments to areas in need, both at home and abroad. Our goal is to decrease diabetic foot complications all over the world, one donation at a time! Below, you can learn about some initiatives we have supported through our donations.

The Health Wagon

The Health Wagon, now famous for its recent feature on 60 minutes, is run by nurse practitioners Teresa Gardner and Paula Meade, who drive from town to town in a Winnebago to provide health care to the underserved communities of Appalachia. Leap4All saw the opportunity to help diabetic patients in those communities, and made a monofilament donation to support the important work of the Health Wagon. Today, Gardner and Meade use monofilaments to test patients for severe neuropathy before providing them with the education they need to keep their feet healthy.

Leap4All is thrilled to contribute to the mission of the Health Wagon, and your purchase of the Fit2Walk Kit helps us support community initiatives like this one!

The Health Wagon

The International Diabetes Federation

The International Diabetes Federation is an international umbrella organization of over 230 national diabetes associations in over 170 countries throughout the world. Leap4All initially sought out the IDF through Dr. Karel Bakker, whose foundational work with the Step by Step program in the Caribbean was instrumental in decreasing the incidence of foot injury in the region, as well as other regions throughout the world. To date, Leap4All has donated thousands of monofilaments to the IDF and its subsidiaries, all with the goal of preventing foot complications for diabetic patients in areas of need around the world.

Your purchase of the Fit2Walk kit helps Leap4All support the efforts of international organizations like the IDF!

The International Diabetes Federation

OCH Regional Medical Center

ochlogo_225squareOCH Regional Medical Center, based in Starkville, Mississippi, hosts the Diabetes Health & Awareness Fair each year with the goal of giving diabetic patients the resources they need to successfully manage their diabetes. Excited by our shared mission, Leap4All donated monofilaments for the event so that the staff of OCH Regional could educate their patients on how to successfully test for severe diabetic neuropathy.

Leap4All is excited to support communities who understand the importance of diabetes education, and your purchase of the Fit2Walk kit helps us continue to make a focused and lasting impact for diabetic patients.

The Diabetes Health & Awareness Fair


outreachparaguayOutreachPARAGUAY is a non-profit organization that provides patient care and education as part of its cross-cultural efforts in Paraguay. Directors and staff work in collaboration with the Paraguayan Ministry of Health, local community members, educators, and health care professionals when developing and implementing project activities.

Leap4All has donated hundreds of monofilaments to OutreachPARAGUAY and is proud to support the important work that the non-profit organization does, and your purchase of the Fit2Walk kit helps us continue to improve the lives of diabetic patients touched by this program.


AVON 39 The Walk to End Breast Cancer

Avon 39‘s Walk to End Breast Cancer supports breast cancer research, awareness, and education. The organization also supports families currently affected by the disease.

Like diabetes, breast cancer affects millions of people worldwide, which is why we at 535Leap4All are proud to have contributed to a team participating in the 2014 Boston walk.

We dedicated this donation to our dear friend and longtime employee, Lisa, whom we lost to breast cancer too soon.


Avon 39

Rural Health Projects, Inc./
Northwest Area Health Education Center

20151029_132541Rural Health Projects, Inc./Northwest Area Health Education Center is a non profit Community Diabetes Education Outreach Program who provides diabetes education to uninsured/under-insured communities in three rural counties in Oklahoma.

We donated monofilaments that were used to put together a foot care packet which contained information on the importance of foot care, how to care for feet, a mirror, a monofilament and an emery board.

Leap4All is excited to support communities who understand the importance of diabetes education, and your purchase of the Fit2Walk kit helps us continue to make a focused and lasting impact for diabetic patients.

Hear from Rural Health Projects


What our community says:

  • "Using the Fit2Walk Kit makes it easy and possible for me to take an active roll in maintaining my overall diabetic health. The testing monofilament is simple to use and I appreciate the calendar tabs that remind me to test. I look forward to future information and blogs!"
    - Sharon D.
    Halifax, MA
  • "Every person with diabetes needs a foot examination for the loss of sensation, that's with a monofilament. It's a very short and small instrument, easy to use. That's the step we have to go to - that patients are aware, and patients are doing more and more of these short examinations."
    - Dr. Kristien van Acker
    Antwerp, Belgium
  • "Your monofilaments allow diabetics to have more control over the management of their diabetes and thus help minimize the serious foot complications that can result from chronic high blood sugar. Due to low literacy and little or no access to health care [in] uninsured/underinsured communities, this population often suffers the extreme complications that follow unmanaged diabetes. I know your donation of monofilaments will make a huge difference to the people who received them."
    - Michelle Bero, RN, BSN, Diabetes Educator
    Enid, OK
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