How to perform a monofilament screening test

This video demonstrates how a diabetic foot exam using monofilaments can be performed by a podiatrist or caretaker at home. Even if you are self-testing with monofilaments, many of the instructions are identical.

Fit2Walk monofilaments are both easy-to-use and highly effective tests for loss of protective sensation (LOPS). As you will see in the video, to use the monofilament you hold the monofilament by the paper handle and use a smooth motion to touch the filament to the skin on the foot. Touch the filament along the side of, not directly on, an ulcer, callus, or scar. Touch the filament to the skin for 1-2 seconds, and push hard enough to make the filament bend. Repeat this process for all marked testing sites. If you are performing the test on a patient, ask them to close their eyes and report sensation. If you are performing the test on yourself, simply note the sites where sensation is or is not present.

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