Filling the foot care void

placeholder4The great thing about the Fit2Walk kit in my opinion is that it fills such an important void for people with diabetes when it comes to promoting proactive foot care. The chances of developing diabetic foot complications such as an ulceration are 7 times higher if someone has severe neuropathy or loss of protective sensation (LOPS). This condition is easily identified with a 10 gram monofilament screening test that can be done at home by yourself. If someone becomes aware that they have LOPS then steps can be taken to reduce the risk of foot complications (and I plan to write more about this in future posts!).
If they do not know they have LOPS they may possibly put their feet in harms way by being less cautious in the care of their feet.

The sad reality is that this simple test is not being performed on patients routinely by many of their health care providers. Some studies have shown that less than 10-20% of people with diabetes get an adequate foot exam from their doctor. Probably even fewer get properly screened for LOPS with a 10 gram monofilament.

And here is the really crazy part! The FDA has no quality control standards on the monofilaments used by the physicians or health care providers. Hard to believe! Imagine getting your blood pressure checked at your doctor’s office with equipment that was possibly less accurate than the blood pressure cuff you had at home. Believe it or not that is the current problem in the world of 10 gram monofilaments. Over time I hope I can work with the FDA to raise the standards on all 10 gram monofilaments being used for LOPS screening by everyone, including physicians and other health care providers. This will not be easy and will certainly take a lot of time and effort but it is an important issue that needs attention.

In the meantime, rest assured that the monofilaments you have in your Fit2Walk kit may very well be of better quality than those in use in many medical offices. They have FDA clearance and have rigid quality control standards. You can screen your own feet for LOPS and you can do it with top quality 10 gram monofilaments. Filling this void allows you to take control of your own proactive foot care “Taking Steps to Diabetic Foot Health.” Let’s continue to walk toward wellness together!

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