The Fit2Walk Team

The history of Fit2Walk goes back to 1999, when our parent company Medical Monofilament Manufacturing was founded. Medical Monofilament began with the goal of providing better tools for diabetic foot testing. At the time, many monofilaments were made by hand overseas, which led to inconsistent product quality. Medical Monofilament found a way to overcome these quality issues by developing a patented, automated process to manufacture monofilaments and guarantee quality. Their product earned the attention of healthcare professionals around the country, and today some of Medical Monofilament’s customers include multiple VA hospitals, the Department of Defense, Kaiser Permanente, Cleveland Clinic and more. After working with healthcare professionals, Medical Monofilament wanted to give the benefits of monofilaments directly to patients. Couldn’t diabetic patients test themselves for neuropathy? With the goals of empowering patients and reducing diabetic foot complications, Fit2Walk was born.
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